Is WinAccs right for you?

Accounting software makes it simpler for you to monitor your business’s financial health and track the money moving in and out of your accounts. It can create invoices, manage expenses and generate a variety of reports that help you analyse your business’s performance.

Choosing the right accounting software is important, whether you are self employed or have built up a company to be proud of, savvy businesses will keep the following in mind:


Most small businesses can manage with just the accountancy basics so don’t spend more than you need, WinAccs is exactly that, the essentials – 3 key ledgers, cash flow and invoicing which help and enable you to keep focussed on your customers and what you like doing most, running your business.


How many users need to access the software and to what level? You may want to give your business partner full access while allowing your employees the ability to view and invoice customers for example. If you own more than one business you may also need multiple business support. With WinAccs you have user flexibility and can purchase licenses from 1-999. Multiple business support is included for free!


What do you need the accounting software program to do? Which modules suit your business requirements. Do you need it to track stock? Process both sales or purchase orders or just quotations? Do you need it to include ancillary services, like time tracking, project management and payroll? With WinAccs you can buy additional modules as your business needs grow so that you can be thoughtful and cost efficient with a tailored solution just for you.

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Powerful WinAccs Features for the Small Business Owner


  • Automated Reoccuring Journals
  • Collaborate with Your Team
  • Receive Invoices from Contractors
  • Easily Bill for Your Team’s Hours
  • Automatic Payment Reminders and Fees

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say…

“We at Dudley’s have an excellent business relationship with Winn Acc’s and have worked many years together using both winaccs and winpay packages. The helpdesk team are very professional and over the years have smoothly and expertly taken us through the many changes in both packages from RTI to Pensions, they are a phone call away to solve problems we may encounter and do so efficiently with a pleasant and helpful manner. We find the whole package very user friendly and would recommend it as an excellent package to others.”

Karen Dennett, Payroll & Accounts Manager. Dudley’s Aluminium Ltd

“We have been using Compact Software for many years now and have found it to be an effective piece of software.  Updates are regular and always come with explanatory notes for review. Compact is an integrated stock control, management and financial accounts package which is excellent for our small business – a good all-in-one solution. If there are ever any problems, the help desk staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, especially Chris.”

Claire Forwood, Admin and LEV Coordinator. RB Industrial

“Luton Town Football Club have been using Winpay software for processing their payroll for nearly 20 years and have been very happy with the product. As issue arises in the world of payroll, be it pensions or real time information to HMRC,  Compact Software are always developing the Software to handle the new requirements without being prompted and well in advance of requirement. The Support team are excellent and always solve issues, talking you through solutions to your problem.  I had dealt with a particular member of staff for many years and felt sure I would see a difference when they retired.  This never happened and service levels were maintained. Well done Compact!!”

Luton Town Football Club

“The software, WINACCS and WINPAY, integrates seamlessly saving time and effort and superb job costing functionality. No bolt-ons, no complicated journal entries – it’s all catered for; ideal for construction companies. I have found the support team at Compact respond quickly to any problem and are very easy to deal with too.”

W G Carter

“We have used Compact Software since 2007 and have always had prompt, knowledgeable and friendly staff to guide us through our accounts and payroll systems. We have found that their packages are very adaptable – whatever your business needs are.”

Scottish Fisherman