Integration Projects

Bespoke digital integration projects

We work with customers all the time on bespoke digital integration projects. Whilst accounting is an essential part of your business it’s not always the simplest and can be time-consuming. To help smooth your accounting processes, digitalise where required and give you all the data you need in one place, we can seamlessly integrate our accounting and payroll packages WinAccs and WinPay with other software.

For example we regularly integrate our WinAccs product with company websites to download orders or display stock levels and pricing.  We integrate into CRM systems for ease of access to customer data and we also have integration of our payroll package seamlessly connecting with digital clocking in and clocking out systems particularly in the manufacturing industry.

We’re experienced with many different types of integration and can work with you to decide exactly what software integration you need, set it up and provide training and technical support.  Digital integration can help your business become more agile, cost effective and productive.

Contact us today to find out what a difference integration could make to your business –

At a glance consolidation of stock
Bank transactions and reconciliations
Automatic entry and tracking with your CRM
Customer orders and bookings to prevent duplication
Payroll and clocking in for best cost/resource management
Real time sales info and reports by product/site