who is winaccs for?

WinAccs for the Self Employed

If you’re self-employed working on your own as a consultant or small business owner, the cost and features of some accounting programs can be overwhelming.  Instead, WinAccs offers easy-to-use accounting software with a range of selectable modules to help the self-employed stay on top of business finances whilst staying within their budget.  As your business grows you can simply add more modules!

WinAccs for the Small to Medium Business

WinAccs technology helps to ease the pain of book-keeping and accounts for small to medium business owners and provides a range of other benefits too. WinAccs is designed to make it easy for you to manage your business finances, helping you with things like book-keeping, invoicing, inventory and payroll. The WinAccs product, plus any additional modules you pick, will include reporting tools as well so that you can track your cash flow and monitor your profit and loss, for example. Without doubt, you will at some point have some questions that need answering and the outstanding WinAccs Support Team are on hand to help at no additional cost.

WinAccs, ideal for businesses across industries

Unique extensions to the WinAccs system provide bespoke solutions for different industries. For example, leading the way, are WinAccs for Construction and WinAccs for Manufacturing.

WinAccs for Construction

WinAccs for Construction is dedicated to the specific needs of the Construction and associated industries in providing accounting management information. With comprehensive project and job costing, the ability to deal with subcontractors, functionality to handle interim certificates, valuations and meet the CIS certification requirements of HMRC for subcontractors, WinAccs for Construction provides a key tool for your construction business. Fully integrated contract analysis may be applied to every transaction posting, providing detailed and accurate reporting of jobs at any stage of their cycle. In addition, the WinAccs Subcontractors module provides full management of CIS, including on-line reporting of the CIS300.

WinAccs for Manufacturing

Whether a large or small building firm or subcontractor, WinAccs for Manufacturing can help you build a firm foundation for your company finances. Providing immediate and accurate cost and budget control over expenditure by job or by project. Any single entry from any part of the system can automatically and seamlessly update the Contract Analysis module, and will be as up-to-date as the last transaction posted. With the addition of WinStock, our suite of fully integrated modules allow you up to date information on re-order level, preferred suppliers, multiple discounts and every item held in stock. Standard functionality includes various methods of stock valuation, the ability to view current stock levels and automatic re-pricing all uniquely valuable to manufacturing.